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Critical Feminist & Creative
Advocate, Community Educator & Digital Content Strategist

The Truly Other Podcast

safe, fearless and radical space for community, self and society 

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channeling the power of thought into written word, writing from poetry to long-form

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“We are born and have our being in a place of memory. We chart our lives by everything we remember from the mundane moment to the majestic. We know ourselves through the art and act of remembering. Memories offer us a world where there is no death, where we are sustained by rituals of regard and recollection”

-bell hooks


In the words of bell hooks, who has shaped much of my thought and work, we learn of the humanity situated within memory. Photography gives our personal archives a visual presence. Click through below to check out my photography work!


“my body
writes into your flesh
the poem
you make of me"

-Audre Lorde

Years ago, it would be unimaginable for me to post a photo of myself, let alone take it in front of others. Learning to love myself and my body is an ongoing journey. Despite all the mixed messages we get in the media, there are so many women who have walked this path before me, and it is thanks to them that I can be so proud of how far I have come. Click below to check out my modelling experiences!

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Letting our creativity flow is such an empowering process, especially when we get to see the finished product. Explore some of my work in the link below. 


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