I'm glad you're here. Thank you for checking out my profile and work. I am an activist, creative, community educator and digital content strategist, with a particularly critical, feminist and anti-racist lens. I have experience in the media industry and in community advocacy. 

My goal is to create content that creates change. I work to create necessary, meaningful impact. My commitment lies in navigating and combatting institutional violence within the capitalist heteropatriarchy. Through producing consistently thoughtful work that exceeds expectations, I challenge the norm, deconstruct existing structures and build for the community. This includes making insightful analyses, drawing compelling inferences, and presenting them in an impactful way. Outside of work, my interest in the human condition drives me towards the big questions through my podcast The Truly Other. I also educate and advocate in several issues such as
 sexual violence and active bystanding. Read on to check out my work in depth!

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my journey thus far
Education and Work Experience Specifics
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resumé & linkedin re-designing 

career coaching 


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