1:1 Personal Growth sisterhood

This programme is all about you. Mentoring is a proven driver of rich learning and personal growth. As your buddy and accountability partner, I am committed to holding a safe space for us to work on your goals. We will work together to alleviate your stress points and carve out a plan that gives you greater clarity.

Women in the Street


Discovery Call

An initial call for us to get to know each other, discuss backgrounds, and determine if we are a good fit. We will also agree on a schedule for contact. 

Setting Call

On this second call, we will dive deeper into your experiences, interests, goals and stresses. We will complete a setting worksheet together.

Follow Up Calls

Over the next 3 sessions, we will work towards your goals through deep, open and honest conversations, sharing materials and other activities.

Wrap Up Call

On the sixth and final call, we will reflect on our progress, discuss next steps and plan for the future.

Sand Dunes


This package is available at $49.90 Singapore Dollars (SGD), 30% of which will go to an authentic charity or social organisation of your choice - anywhere in the world.

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