The Truly Other Podcast
I’ve always enjoyed insightful discourse. Difficult conversations are often the most valuable ones, but as they haven’t been normalised, there remains a wealth of learnings and potential for change that are untapped.⁣ The Truly Other Podcast is a culmination of that passion.
There is so much power and inspiration in the written word. I explore all forms of writing from poetry to long-form over at my blog and
Learning to love myself and my body is an ongoing journey. Despite all the mixed messages we get in the media, there are so many women who have walked this path before me, and it is thanks to them that I can be so proud of how far I have come.
Letting my creativity flow is such an empowering process, especially when you get to see the finished product. Explore some of my work in the link below. 
Philosophers of generations past have wondered how we can capture a moment forever. Now, we can almost do that. Check out the link below to view some of my attempts!

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