• Victoria Chwa


long walks at dawn

quiet dreaming by

candlelight sitting along

pavements with our

eyes shut to sunrise

shadow by

my side heat not from

your breath against

my shoulder nor hand

in mine

carnival games and

elevator music

the candy shop lady

in a red beanie

giving out free chocolate

to the single mother

and her three children

the boy stops crying at

the sight of the lights

hanging from tree to

building friendships by the

neighbourhood playground

sandcastles growing under moonlight

the birds find their way home

the girl smiles as she feeds bread to

river ducks and by the end of the

day the widowed man would have kept

his rusted metal cookie tin full of

yellowed photos and a silver heart-shaped

locket he’d put on every morning

and he would smile long walks at dawn

quiet dreaming by

candlelight —

originally published: 8 Jan 2016

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