I keep the photos from years ago and, once in a while, I reminisce —

the sun, the wind, and the snow

and, under that tree: that kiss;

twilight: the sky has fallen asleep,

and the stars: brightly – they will shine, but

not for long. daylight, soon, will creep

into your heart — shut —

I close my eyes for a moment

and everyday I think

of those days — memories in fragments:

betwixt loss (the brink!)

and me.

dawn: the beginning of a new page

that meets with ink

to create new markings

etched in their hearts —


a question.

we become acquainted:

I touch your hand, say my name

and, you, yours.

’twas not long before we

step foot on this path;

a new journey.

experience the beauty of nightfall

and feel the loss of its disappearance

at the break of light.

yes, innumerable new pages since.

some, fading

and many, adrift.

O, how dost thou keep faith?

fate is but an enemy.

dost thou not fear the wrath of time?

we become acquainted thus


fate is an enemy,

as is time.



I keep the photos from years ago.

originally published: 6 Aug 2015


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