dining with dolls

wish little lights above!

swish – wish

upon the golden sparkle she calls

the devil, her friend

crisp cloth rustle

hustle and bustle – overrun yellow city cars

of night

O, bright light, cry! hear her!

this girl knows of love as non-existent.

shove and shiver –

snap! the shovel

in the old lady-gardener’s hands

is turning green with hate,

and her battlefield of flora

o’erridden with the great

dark magic

while the Monster drinks her blood –

gory gulp of glory!




this girl invited them to grace

her land with horror thus!

so the girl picks up the cloth and

extracts its frays –

burnt from the magic;

stained with a deep iron shade-of-red –

from the hands of her friend

and sews it into

the lady-gardener’s shoulder blades.



strings in her head and

holes in her heart and

blades in her feet –


have the yellow cars heard the girl’s wish

for love?


so she wishes

and watches as

the old lady-gardener is hung from the green bed frame with

buttons as eyes

and a threaded smile –

her tasty rotten squiggly fibrous insides –

the Monster tears her breasts

and feeds it to the girl’s friend

originally published: 26 Sept 2015

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