• Victoria Chwa

green monster

a browning rose;

a sitting horse;

shallow waters

and shades of grey –

O, halcyon! Great twilight, ascend

now! reveal the balmy veil – Aegis of dawn!

If we see Dante, nel mezzo del cammin di nostra vita,

it would be, merely,

a r e f l e | ɔ ƚ i o n of

what would have been.

I have grown unsure of my own self, strangely

yet the tightening of the red string of fate, (our fate?)

I feel – infallibly. impeccably.

Gaze upon her gait – I admire

your voice, a song, the whispers of nymphs.

’tis playing field, en٨inɘyardɘd thus –

You were enough.

beep beep beep

b e e p b e e p b e e p

beep beep beep

there you lay –

i hear the silent marble walls scream

O, pretty shade of red,

my dear – I fear me, too rightfully.

they do spoil their little darling.

how coruscant, scintillating as aurora, you are

picture of perfection. sight for sore eyes.

no more. none of this; no time for gewgaw.

all bagatelle.

i have awaken from solecism and culpability.

dulce, grandeur, ángelos –

by your side, i place a browning rose

there you lay, by a sitting horse

to the north, shallow waters painted grey –

i will place you on a keel.

i will wear your skin.

they will call your name.

O, halcyon.

originally published: 4 May 2017

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