• Victoria Chwa

I (cannot) see.

you are my king;

I feel

this longing — this


beating of the heart:

shall I place it upon my sleeve? silver lined clouds above

the castle in the sky beyond

the golden gate:

I see you –

amidst the garden

of apple trees and white lilies

and sunflowers (they turn gold) –

blessed by Midas’ touch.

(I only see amity.)

(in your presence:

suspense) in my last breath

I wish you’d touch

me and make me


but the Apple tree


for its life.

(I only see affinity.)

I spoke to the lilies the night

you dined with Midas.

I gave them water in return

for your secrets.

but you turned to look at me

and you left with Midas to

the Neverland.

but I only see nobility. they told me you’d

be gone a while;

I watched as you shook

the hand of Charon

and stroked

the hair of Medusa.

you danced to

Orpheus’ music

under the Apple tree.

but I don’t see fatality. I will swallow the key

to the cage you lock my heart in. because you are my king –

because I feel this longing – only you

I see.

only you — I want to see.

originally published: 19 Oct 2015

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