• Victoria Chwa

O, Life!

if only i could live without a heart,

then I’d be brave enough to say:

i wish the storm would do its part,

and the sky – always grey. if only i could live without a heart,

i’d meet with Oizys i’th’dark

and watch her exhibit her art;

hitherward – the truth leaves its mark. i’ve looked the Basilisk in the eye

all whilst keeping my breath with me.

cauldrons of swollen, virgin tears – nigh –

the fee for immortality. should the Oneiroi spare us

from the curse of oblivious eyes,

we’d lift those bloodied veils thus,

and hear the ceaseless cries. our voyage will meet its end –

to befriend reality is an art –

(we know) the living doth lack the power to mend;

pains us less: without a heart.

originally published: 17 Sept 2015

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