sweet child,

thy shall leave now

the winds are soft, revil’d

and lovingly caress your face as love should allow.

many a year past

to-day so overcast

but I have come to

the land of eidola

‘ere black gates

then you enter in grace

silent and still upon desolate shores

the boat stops —

hooded ill-clad vagrants engulf you

yet I can only watch

as darkness nurses you

smile, and then a deafening shriek

your cry echoes and you see me

locked in shackles

slit my eye

my tears feed a valley – inundated.

they place you upon a black throne

in a white nightgown

nightingale sounds and the crow dances at twilight

and I am haunted –

they present you a sword

so bright so sharp as eagles by a sea;

you smile.

I awake, blinded by a scorching moonlight.

and then a deafening shriek


slit my eye

and you

in a white nightgown


by a scorching moonlight,

the devil envies

and lovingly caress your face as love should allow.

originally published: 3 Aug 2016

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