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Resumé & LinkedIn Designing

Skip the boring, overused MS Word formats for a fresh, personalised one that really brings out who you are and who you want to become. I provide a trusted, dedicated pair of eyes to conceptualise your unique experience and potential. 

"Amazing. Makes me see myself in a different light... got hope"

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1:1 Personal Growth Sisterhood

It is okay to be unsure about the path ahead. It is also 100% possible to reclaim clarity and power. Having been a student myself, I understand the struggles and expectations that come with personal development. After a series of failures, I eventually carved out my own journey of professional and academic growth. As arduous as it is to go against the societal grain, my journey has been so fulfilling, and I want to empower others as well.

Fuelled by my own experiences, I offer a personalised mentorship designed to understand your interests, goals and pressures. I'd like to help alleviate your stress points and, together, we can map out a plan that gives you clarity. Let's connect!

[Coming Soon] 

Career Clarity Guide Package

An all inclusive package offering (but not limited to) self-discovery mentorship, resume designing, LinkedIn consultations, personal affirmations, languaging and interview tips. 

Coming soon.


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